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Candice Hartsough McDonald
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Growing up, Candice was surrounded by art everywhere she looked. Her mom loved to draw, and was very good at portraiture, and her dad designed and built houses for people. They encouraged Candice to think creatively: to draw whenever she felt bored, and to elaborate on any "what-if" stories she may have come up with.

One day Candice asked, "What if there was a monster who lived in the air vent in the car?" Her mom simply looked at her and asked, "What if?" This led to her second fully illustrated book at age 8, entitled The Car Monster.

Since then, Candice has known without a doubt that she wanted to become an illustrator. After graduating from the Herron School of Art and Design, studying illustration and printmaking, she has been steadily building her portfolio and stepping into her long-awaited role of "children's illustrator."

Her work has appeared in several Indiana publications, as well as The Little Lutheran. Currently she is working on her very first real children's book, which is scheduled to come out in 2009. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and extremely witty cat, Mona.

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