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God's kindness

“God’s kindness” is the theme of the November 2014 issue. Children will hear about “Someday Jesus,” based on Matthew 25, as well as the true story of a toddler who survived Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Adults and children can use other stories in the issue to talk about the experience of sitting in “time-out,” community Thanksgiving dinners, All Saints Day, the life-saving actions of Raoul Wallenberg and more.


Cover - God's kindness
By Candice Hartsough McDonald

Rainan is 1
By Elizabeth Hunter

Someday Jesus
Story by Annie Haverlah
Illustrations by Candice Hartsough McDonald

By Kevin Boozer

Thanksgiving gifts
By Elizabeth Hunter

At the playground
By Annie Haverlah

A dog for Naomi
By Elizabeth Hunter

All Saints' Day
Story by Mary Rand Hess
Illustration by Kathryn Mitter 

Sing & Sign: Now Thank We All Our God
Illustrations by Sally Springer
Tune: Traditional. Text by Martin Rinkhart, tr. Catherine Winkworth

Raoul saved lives
Story by Emily Demuth Ishida
Illustration by Kirsten Sevig

Activity: Make a thankful box
Text by Elizabeth Hunter

Can you find...

Jamison - dove winnerdove winnerFind the dove
Camille, age 2 (right)

Letter to adults
Text by Elizabeth Hunter

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