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November 2012: Please & thank you

This issue helps young children consider the power and love behind words like “please” and “thank you.” Being polite — the theme of this November issue — is not about superficial niceness, but genuine respect and compassion. It’s part of learning to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Cover - Please & thank you
Illustration by Candine Hartsough McDonald 

Thank you, God 
Story by Priscilla Van Koevering 

Story by Barbara Jurgensen
Illustrations by Candine Hartsough McDonald

Noisy can kids
Story by Laura Gifford
Photos by David Ryder 

A surprising day 
By Barbara Jurgensen
Illustrations by Craig Orback

Adam goes to church
Story and photo by Kari Eller

Sing & Sign: Please and Thank You
Illustration by Sally Springer
Words by Deb Lund
Tune: "Are You Sleeping, Brother John?"

Good manners
By Deb Lund

Activity: Be polite 
By Evelyn B. Christensen 

Find-the-dove winnerCan you find...

Find the dove
Nels, age 6 (right)

Letter to adults
Text by Elizabeth Hunter

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