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If smoking kills people, why doesn’t God just make people not smoke? Also, I got in trouble for throwing rocks. Why did God have to make rocks?

Y. Franklin Ishida
Y. Franklin Ishida

Remember the story in Genesis 1? When God created everything in the beginning, it was all good. Unfortunately bad things started to happen when people made some bad choices with what is supposed to be good. Some of that bad stuff includes doing things that are not nice for God’s world, hurting other people or even hurting ourselves. God doesn’t make us do bad things.rockthrowing rock

throwing rockGod doesn’t make us do good things either, for that matter. But God gives us the ability to make choices. That’s part of the good that God wants for all people. And with that, God wants us to be responsible. God wants us to make good choices, remembering the good that God has given us.

Some people make choices about smoking or throwing rocks. We need to ask: Is that a responsible thing to do? Does that harm my body? Does that harm other people? Does that harm the good things that God created? We can pray to God to help us be responsible for what God has given us.

We can pray to God to help us make good choices. We can also pray that God may forgive us when we forget to be responsible or when we make bad choices. And together we can make sure good things happen in the world.

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