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Questions Kids Ask About God

QKA Publishing

“What is prayer?”

“What does God’s handwriting look like?”

“Why did God make mosquitoes suck my blood?”

“Will my pet go to heaven?”

Children have lots of faith questions. At Peace Lutheran Church, New Lenox, Ill., members were hearing so many questions they decided to self-publish some of them – and their pastor Dave Hedlin’s answers — in a 32-page hardcover book.

Hedlin puts it well: “Asking questions is a sign of a living, vital faith.”

The book provides plenty of scriptural references to accompany the questions and answers. Cartoon illustrations are by Jacob Brown, Lillian Krieger and Courtney Paarlberg. The congregation has already sold more than 1,000 copies, and proceeds go to a good cause — children’s ministries around the world.

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